Senior Medical Director


  • Health Plan with a critical need for a Senior Medical Director to oversee Health Services at a plan losing money and members.


  • Difficult market with many competitors facing the same need. This Plan also does not compensate at the same level as their competitors.


  • Secord & Associates screened/attempted to recruit 400 candidates and presented 10 qualified candidates.
  • All members of the search committee agreed on an outstanding candidate who exceeded their expectations.
  • Selected candidate made an immediate impact on cost savings and processes and received a promotion within 3 months of hire.

Department Administrator, Obstetrics and Gynecology


  • Department of $30M showing a cumulative financial loss of $6M resulting in the termination of current Administrator.


  • Difference of opinion among search committee regarding the hire of an internal candidate.


  • Secord & Associates interviewed 7 internal candidates and presented 4 external candidates.
  • All members of the search committee agreed on an external candidate who exceeded their expectations.
  • Selected candidate turned around department resulting in a profit after 18 months.

Executive Director, Cancer Center


  • Organization seeking NCI accreditation.
  • Organization implementing Proton Therapy.


  • Qualification criteria required individual who had experience implementing NCI accreditation and Proton Therapy and experience working at one of 35 NCI designated Cancer Centers.


  • Candidate sourced who had achieved NCI accreditation and implemented Proton Therapy.
  • Established credibility with client resulting in client accepting recommendation to interview the selected candidate who client originally rejected.

Director of Imaging


  • Level I Trauma Center with high number of cases and complex political cultural environment.


  • Qualification criteria required individual who had experience working at a Level I Trauma Center and with a very large volume of cases with a high level of political sensitivity and strong leadership attributes.


  • Candidate selected exceeded expectations on every criteria measured in performance evaluation at 6 month review and receiving a raise.

"Michele seems to know me better than I know myself! When faced with having to decide between several outstanding opportunities, Michele was there to listen and help me stay focused. She helped me get through sorting all of the pros and cons of each option, offering sound advice and feedback as needed. Some of my good friends are those I met after we were mutually placed in our former positions by Michele. She truly does select the best; I have the utmost respect and admiration for her incredible talents."

- A.M., Hospital Services Manager

"Thank you so much for all of your efforts over these last months as I went through the interview process. You have been such a joy to work with, and such an incredible professional! I am extremely grateful for all of the time and effort you put into helping me through the process!"

- D.N., Healthcare Executive

"I have had the opportunity to work with Michele Secord professionally as a search consultant and personally as a candidate for a leadership position. Michele is a pleasure to work with. She is a true professional who is extremely efficient, organized and thorough. As a client and a candidate Michele keeps you informed, and the recruitment process moving smoothly and in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Michele's Secord and Associates as a healthcare executive search firm."

- A.T., Administrative Director, Surgical Services

"Michele has the unique ability to perform beyond expectations in serving both the client and the candidate. She makes a point of understanding the client organization extremely well in order to match candidates on cultural fit as well as skills. She has the skill to attract highly qualified candidates in a tight market. Her availability and knowledge provide for a positive and professional experience for both clients and candidates. I am comfortable giving her the strongest endorsement."

- K.M., Vice President, Human Resources

"I really appreciated all you did to assist me in applying for and eventually being offered the position here at Gaylord. You gave me all the information I needed to understand the role, what the hospital would have to offer me and who would be interviewing me. Your support throughout the entire process helped me make a great decision."

- K.R., Director, Care Management

"I have had the great pleasure of working with Secord & Associates for over a decade in my present position. Michele has always been responsive, professional, and dedicated in staying on the search to find the right people to put in front of the management team for consideration. Michele does her homework to help her find the right candidates who fit our needs and our culture as an organization. She is always fully engaged with us and is always available and responsive. I can't recommend a better business partner in terms of retained search firms."

- J.M., Director, Human Resources

"I had the privilege to work with Michele during my hiring at Gaylord Hospital. My experience was nothing but positive! Michele is an excellent communicator and collaborates extremely well with all of the parties involved in the recruitment and hiring process. I found her to be very organized and efficient. My time was well planned and I was well informed. Her work in part led to a very successful hiring process for me! I would be happy to recommend Michele and Secord & Associates to any organization."

- D.L., Administrative Director, Outpatient Services

"Michele Secord assisted in the search for a seasoned, senior clinical administrative position. She conducted a superb search for us and we are pleased with both the results and the process she conducted."

- G.G., Director of Practice Operations

"In over 20 year as a Nursing Leader and Executive, I have worked with many recruiters. Michele is, without question, the very best. She takes the time to know the hiring facility and brings those who she feels will best match our needs, our philosophy and culture. I have never been disappointed with the candidates and I have never been disappointed with Michele, a very professional and personable recruiter."

- J.C., Director, Perioperative Services

"I have hired Michele Secord on several occasions to recruit for nursing leadership positions. I found it very easy to work with Michele. Due to her nursing background she understands the position, and can assess the culture of the organization. She is well networked and able to provide a unique candidate pool within a quick timeframe. Additionally, she stays in touch with the candidates post hire to ensure a smooth transition."

- C.D., Former Vice President, Patient Care Services & Chief Nursing Officer