Senior Medical Director


  • Health Plan with a critical need for a Senior Medical Director to oversee Health Services at a plan losing money and members.


  • Difficult market with many competitors facing the same need. This Plan also does not compensate at the same level as their competitors.


  • Secord & Associates screened/attempted to recruit 400 candidates and presented 10 qualified candidates.
  • All members of the search committee agreed on an outstanding candidate who exceeded their expectations.
  • Selected candidate made an immediate impact on cost savings and processes and received a promotion within 3 months of hire.

Department Administrator, Obstetrics and Gynecology


  • Department of $30M showing a cumulative financial loss of $6M resulting in the termination of current Administrator.


  • Difference of opinion among search committee regarding the hire of an internal candidate.


  • Secord & Associates interviewed 7 internal candidates and presented 4 external candidates.
  • All members of the search committee agreed on an external candidate who exceeded their expectations.
  • Selected candidate turned around department resulting in a profit after 18 months.

Executive Director, Cancer Center


  • Organization seeking NCI accreditation.
  • Organization implementing Proton Therapy.


  • Qualification criteria required individual who had experience implementing NCI accreditation and Proton Therapy and experience working at one of 35 NCI designated Cancer Centers.


  • Candidate sourced who had achieved NCI accreditation and implemented Proton Therapy.
  • Established credibility with client resulting in client accepting recommendation to interview the selected candidate who client originally rejected.

Director of Imaging


  • Level I Trauma Center with high number of cases and complex political cultural environment.


  • Qualification criteria required individual who had experience working at a Level I Trauma Center and with a very large volume of cases with a high level of political sensitivity and strong leadership attributes.


  • Candidate selected exceeded expectations on every criteria measured in performance evaluation at 6 month review and receiving a raise.

"Over the years I have been a client of Secord & Associates. I first began working with Michele while working at Lifespan Healthcare system and most recently with Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare. Michele has successfully helped us hire several critical roles within the organization. She is professional, timely and detail oriented and completely customer focused. Her network is extensive in the field of healthcare and leadership. She takes the time to understand the needs and environment of the organization and department. She is proactive in her communication of the process and has a passion for what she does. She is a delight to work with."

- C.R., Chief Human Resources Officer

"I'm glad to have this opportunity to let you know how fortunate I feel to have Pam and Yvonne. They are both great and I enjoy having them on my team. I have Secord & Associates, Inc. to thank for this!"

- S.A., Vice President, Patient Care Services

"I have hired Michele Secord on several occasions to recruit for nursing leadership positions. I found it very easy to work with Michele. Due to her nursing background she understands the position, and can assess the culture of the organization. She is well networked and able to provide a unique candidate pool within a quick timeframe. Additionally, she stays in touch with the candidates post hire to ensure a smooth transition."

- C.D., Former Vice President, Patient Care Services & Chief Nursing Officer

"Michele runs a first class boutique executive recruiting company, that is now officially the preferred firm of several health plans and health systems. Michele is very thorough, insightful and leverages her extensive clinical background in evaluating and couching candidates. She and her staff are incredibly helpful and always able to answer all questions substantively and promptly. Michele studies all aspects of an Organization, from structure to culture, and she is therefore able to enthusiastically educate candidates about the Organization and its people by offering details and insights. Michele immerses herself also in the candidate background, and very quickly understands whether the candidate's needs, expertise, skills and work history fit a certain Organization and position. If there is a fit, Michele makes it happen. In summary, Michele and her staff are highly efficient, professional and details oriented and Michele is personally caring and always concerned about the candidate. I highly recommend Michele to any health care professional seeking a new position in the current difficult job market."

- P.R., MD, FAAP, FCPP, VP Health Services Administration & Senior Medical Director

"I had the privilege to work with Michele during my hiring at Gaylord Hospital. My experience was nothing but positive! Michele is an excellent communicator and collaborates extremely well with all of the parties involved in the recruitment and hiring process. I found her to be very organized and efficient. My time was well planned and I was well informed. Her work in part led to a very successful hiring process for me! I would be happy to recommend Michele and Secord & Associates to any organization."

- D.L., Administrative Director, Outpatient Services

"It is a pleasure for me to be able to speak-in shorthand- with Michele when describing the professional nursing competencies that are important to myself and my organization: She gets it. She is consistently responsive, extremely organized and keeps a pace in a search that sees one filling a position quickly and efficiently."

- S.R., Vice President, Nursing

"Recently I have had the need to retain Secord & Associates, Inc. for four very specific searches of which we were presented with candidates in a timely manner who had been thoroughly screened and absolutely qualified. Michele understands what many recruiters fail to learn: a client's time and needs are the most important part of the process."

- R.J., Former Recruiter

"I will say, I can tell you are great at what you do and I feel you have the best intentions and integrity for your clients."

- J.C. Chief Nursing Offer

"I would STRONGLY recommend Michele! She did an exemplary job matching my strengths/needs with an organization that was the perfect fit for me. She listens carefully and anticipates the needs of her client/me and potential candidate. I LOVE my new job/organization and I think they love me too!"

- G.M., Assistant Vice President, Patient Experience

"Michele Secord assisted in the search for a seasoned, senior clinical administrative position. She conducted a superb search for us and we are pleased with both the results and the process she conducted."

- G.G., Director of Practice Operations